About the CEO

Hi, this is Ryu, the CEO of NEWTRAIL, Inc.

We are glad if you get to know who is behind this company, and why we are doing this!

Basic bio

Origin: Ibaraki, Japan

Sports: Surfing. I moved next to the sea for surf!

Music:  Heavy Metal (METALLICA and MEGADETH are my bible..)

Other favorites:  Backpacking travel, DIY, etc..

Country ever lived: US, Singpapore.

Favorite fruits: Fuyu Persimmon. (fully ripped waterly persimmon is the best!)

The roots

Here is my past why I come to start Japan market entry consultant.

I have always had a curiousity for foreign countries, influenced by my early childhood in US and my love for hardrock and heavy metal. During my days in university,I saved money from part-time jobs and went backpacking, exploring various countries like India, North Africa, and Europe.

Having worked for a foreign company and spent time in Singapore, I have gained extensive international experience. However, throughout my travels, one strong realization kept surfacing: “Japan is such a wonderful country.”

The deliciousness of the food, the subtle beauty of the culture, the unique sense of humor,…—all of these aspects made me truly appreciate Japan.

Days in an internaltional marketing company

I was facsinated by marketing while I study it, so I joined Unilever the “best marketing company”. I spent over 9 years working in various departments, including marketing, sales planning, and sales.

During the last 2 years, I had the opportunity to be seconded to the Singapore office, where I was the only Japanese among international colleagues. I faced various challenges in the global business landscape, but those challenges were fun when running through with colleagues. After achieving the global top sales growth, I could get the CEO Award of Business Development.

Through diverse projects and experiences in Unilever, I had always been aware that how Japanese market are isolated and unique from global market.

I saw many brands struggling to enter the market, and end up with failuer.

As a Japanese, I couldn’t help but feel frustrated by this closed market situation.

Therefore I decided to set up a company to support more compny and services go out and come in to/from Japan.


Now, as of July 2023, it’s 2nd year of our company.

We are still not satisfied with our contribution to the international traffic creation in Japan.

Like other countries, Japan market is changing drastically. With the sense of internatinoal business and of Japanese business , I am lookig for non-Japanese company which will benefit not only the company but also the market of Japan.

If you are the one who have good business, and struggling to entry Japan, please talk to me!

Looking forward to become your partner to bring your products to this country.

Thanks for reading!

We are featured by Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center:Aritcle