About Newtrail, Inc. – Story & Service

Hi, I am Ryu, the CEO of NEWTRAIL, Inc.

Those who are reading this article have already seen other articles or visited our website, and already aware of what we are.

Simply stating, NEWTRAIL is a trading consulting company and trading firm.

Our focus areas are as follows:

1. Consulting of Japanese companies that tackling to overseas market.

2. Japanese fruits and food exporting.

3. Consulting of NON-JAPANESE companies to entry Japan market.

In this article, you can run throught the overvirw of our story and servrice.


■Why we are here?

Although Japanese market is shrinking, it’s size is still large and non-negligible.

Before starting this company, I was working in Unilever Singapore as a sole Japanese in the business unit. Since I had only knew Japanese entity and market before there, I was shocked by how Japanese market is isolated from the world.

Now that I learnt the difference of Japanese business and global business, I can fill the gap and connect far east island to the world.

Bringing more Japanese products to the world, as well as more products from the world to Japan, is my biggest delight now.

■How can we support your business?

So, we are a Japanese with global sense of business.

If you are struggling with finding clue of success to launch your service in Japan, please let us support.

I am more than happy if we can build partnership and create a blight future with you.

1. Local Adaptation Consulting

  • Providing the fundamental information about the market. Custom, RtM, consumer, consumer behavior, and etc…
  • Local entity set up support.
  • Local hiring support.
  • Regulatory compliance adaptation.

2. Marketing, Sales & Promotion

  • Market research
  • Business Partner Investigation
  • Website Localization
  • Product localization
  • Promotion, event, and ad strategy development and execution.

3. Logistics and sales partner

  • Optimal logistics partner arrangement
  • Sales partner candidate proposal & negotiation

4. Other

  • Translation & Interpretation.
  • Sample product import/export.
  • etc…

Japanese market is very closed, and the way of working is unique.

Not many Japanese speaks English, and that’s why the business partner engagement is difficult.

Consumers are also unique, and limited English info is available….

Let us help to overcome all these barriers, and breakthrough your business in Japan!

Looking forward to hear from you!